Friday, February 20, 2009

New Digs

Hey All.  Wordpress didn't work out so I switched to Blogger.  I'm up late sick with time to kill.  Just checked out some new music upon the recommendation of this guy.  Great stuff in the electro-pop department like Hot Chip and Whitest Boy Alive plus some more ambient stuff by  Victor Bermon and Junior Boys.  More sonic sustenance.  Tasty.  And I just recently discovered Raphael Saadiq.  Hoo!  I cannot stop playing this one.  Soul/R & B with an old school sound.  Infectious!  


  1. I'm really glad you moved your site. I really like blogspot, and I could never open up your other blog for some reason. I'll be visiting you a lot more here!

  2. Hey Jeff! Thanks for the referrals to those artists, I'll check 'em out soon. (c: Welcome to blogger!

  3. Nice place you've got here! I'll keep coming back! :-)

    Um, the word varification pops up with nothing to verify... is it just me?