Friday, May 15, 2009

Semi Update

So I finally spoke with the HR lady at the recruiting company I'm applying to and she said that she now forwards my application onto the Early Intervention clinic in Sicily and they will contact me to set up a phone interview after which point I will either be hired or not.  Hopefully this will happen rather quickly.  It also turns out that only one other person, so far, is competing with me for this position.  So, chances are good.  

On another note, the tone seems to be changing at my work regarding layoffs.  It now sounds as if I might not get laid off as the least senior staff member was merely asked to be bumped to another department.  So, perhaps I will have a job.  It is interesting, though, that this comes up as this entire threat of losing my job has put me into a tail spin of sorts and led me on a new path toward this Dept. of Defense position.  I was talking with a colleague today about the necessity of changing course during different moments in life.  It was as I was talking with him that I began to wonder if God brought this whole threat of layoff just so that I would look into another opportunity for something really amazing for my family.  I would not have considered   this at all had this not come up.  I had dreams of retiring at this place.  It has been my feeling that God wants to do something to bless Ariana and I really want to do something that will do that as well.  And this may just be it.  Also, I have been really concerned that if I were to be laid off, what would I do for 4 months while waiting to start work as this position starts in October?  Perhaps, if I did keep my job, it would carry me through those 4 months and I would be able to sustain our family until we leave.  It's all just my human conjecture of God's workings.  We'll see.  Thanks for all the prayers!


  1. Yes, I think that 'shake ups' are God's way of getting us moving in another direction, or getting us to let go of one thing so He can give us something better. I think this looks pretty exciting!

  2. okay, so WHO would you be teaching in Italy? I'm not clear on that!


  3. Jeff can answer that, but it is right before me. Military folk bring their families with them on overseas assignments. There are 3,200 family people at the base in Sicily, so there are plenty of people needing schooling. The Votaw family lived at Landstuhl in Germany where their father was resident Veterinarian. Went to school there for several years. Not uncommon. Poppa Robert

  4. Thanks for covering that one for me, Robert. Yes, I would be working in homes, daycare facilities, and nurseries with children and their families birth to 3 years old. I would be traveling around a lot as you usually have to serve the family in their home. I love this aspect of my current job and would love to focus solely on doing this as it really focuses on empowering families to help their kids.