Monday, January 4, 2010

Our "Big Adventure"

Amelia and I decided to make the most of her last day on vacation by going on what she calls a "big adventure". This entails taking the light rail downtown and exploring around. So, despite the rain, drizzle, and darkness, we set out with Zebra, Little Bear, Raggedy Ann, and some spare undies of course. Unlike me, I brought my camera with working batteries and snagged some shots.

Waiting for the train

Riding sideways on the train (can turn it upright in iPhoto, but not here)

Crossing the Steel Bridge over the Willamette River

We arrive at the train station

An obligatory shot in front of the sea lion fountain

Amelia smiling in the Central Library

A nice view out the window in the kids' section of the library

Amelia singing a Christmas carol to me

Reflection of ourselves and the train passing by

Finally, at the right angle. Just before we headed home we got this shot of her in this nice little Mimi-sized nook.

Note: Any hints on getting the pictures to stand upright would be helpful. Thanks.


  1. Stange, I posted a comment and now it's not there...

  2. You're an amazing Dad! What a wonderful & memory you have made with your Mimi.
    So sweet!
    aunt G